Lynette remembering Gatlin’s birth

Thank you so much for coming by. The talk and cookies were much needed. I love the “Honeybee” journal!

You are a very special person; I am so thankful for your guidance and education during the last couple months of my pregnancy. I’ll never forget the first time I “connected with my baby through my thoughts” as you had taught me. Through practicing your relaxation techniques and positive affirmations, I found strength and confidence I never knew I had.

I can look back now and see how each piece of my birth story had a unique purpose and came together, all at just the right pace. I think about early labor at the house, the massage and walk.  I started listening to my body, letting it set the pace. As we settled in at the hospital room, your special touches made the room feel welcoming and calm. Between walking the halls, massage, the birth balls, and the tub and I remember my body and baby working together as active labor progressed.

I am thankful for the child-birth education piece we received from you beforehand. Most importantly, this allowed my husband to know how to support me and help both of us feel confident when we had to make next step decisions during some really intense moments! Looking back, getting the epidural allowed my body to rest and get ready to push, again each piece of the puzzle had a purpose.

As the epidural started to wear off and pushing became more intense, I remember hearing you say “tell your baby you’re ready and it’s time” -As I held/pulled myself with the rebozo, I found a deep inner strength and I remember through each push talking to the baby telling him its time, I’m ready for you; you can do this now…

Thank you for taking the time to talk with me afterwards during your follow up visit, recollecting all the details of the “love-filled-birth” was really helpful. As a first-time mom, the days after bringing baby home were a blur.  Talking about the birth and looking at the photographs together, helped to calm some overwhelming feelings I was having.

Cindy- Thank you for helping me prepare for the birth of our son. Initially I had asked you to be there to support me emotionally, to help me remain “calm and in control”… little did I know, you would actually be more like a support team in a marathon race- re-fueling me with honey sticks, keeping me hydrated and cool and literally supporting all my body weight through contractions… THANK YOU for being such an important piece of this puzzle!

Many thanks and love