Anne and Nate-remembering postpartum with the triplets

Cindy has a big heart and that has shined through with our family and all of our children. She came very qualified with a plethora of knowledge about babies. With our family not only has she helped us take care of an infant, but THREE infants, as we have triplet girls! She mostly helps at night, and has no problem caring for all three girls together so we can sleep. She feeds them, changes them and most importantly loves them. As we often find her singing to and holding the babies regularly. She also helped us find a lactation consultant, who has also been great and been very helpful so that Anne could breastfeed all three babies exclusively.  She even washes dishes, folds laundry and straightens up our house when she has down time from the girls. We highly recommend her for a loving family.

Nate and Anne Kibler—remember the postpartum care of their triplets