“Cindy gave me the loving and educational support I needed throughout my pregnancy and birth. She was wonderful, a guiding light on what to expect, helping me with each step of labor, birth, and postpartum. She was always there with just the right amount of information to support me through my journey. I felt totally taken care of at the right times, and she respected my need for privacy. Thank you, Cindy, for your doula-magic!”

Lilla, remembering the birth of Christian

“I had my first without a doula. Second with Cindy. I wish I had always had a doula. Cindy was always a step ahead and made it easy for me. I felt secure and I knew someone was my advocate for when I was in labor and didn’t have the energy to have a voice.”

Nary, remembering the birth of Hannah

“My husband is so happy we had a doula…Cindy supported him so that he could support me!”

Nary, remembering the birth of Hannah

“Cindy is readily available when her clients need her, and she makes an effort to establish a personal relationship not only with the mom-to-be, but with her partner and family as well, to make the birthing experience as comfortable as possible for everyone involved.”

Jillian, Director of Albemarle Pregnancy Center of Central VA

“Cindy was the teacher of the childbirth class I attended. She knows her stuff! She listens to your concerns and responds to your thoughts with consideration. I never actually had Cindy as my doula, since I ended up being delivered by C-section, but Cindy even met up with me during my postpartum just to see how I was doing and to meet my little one.”

Claire, remembering the birth of Evangeline and Heart2Heart Childbirth Class

“I am receiving postpartum care from Cindy. There is no amount of money that can buy the love and support I have right now. It’s not a job, it’s a relationship. There are people in your life that become ‘your people’. Cindy has become one of ‘my people’ through this experience.”

Nary, remembering the birth of Hannah

“Cindy always took time and humor and made sure that I understood. She genuinely cared for me and my family. She stayed by my side through the birth to support and help me as needed. She followed up with me after the baby and was immediately available during postpartum. Our connection is continuing and now we are close friends.”

Shekiba, remembering the birth of Mahdi

“Cindy was not only very helpful in supporting the patient’s needs but also supportive of the healthcare provider’s requirements due to policy and protocol. Compromise was key in providing safe care to Mom and babe.”

Lisa, RN

“Such a calming presence, and wonderful labor support. Cindy is a pleasure to work with.”

Sara, RN

“Cindy’ instructional style is personal, spending individualized time with each woman to ensure she feels informed about best birthing practices, what her rights are as a patient, what to expect during the birthing process, and what her options are once labor begins. She listens to her client’s concerns and offers guidance and referrals to community resources as necessary. Her attention, instruction, and mentorship truly help to build confidence for a successful birthing experience.”

Jillian, Director of Albemarle Pregnancy Center of Central VA