I found Cindy through the Bend Yoga’s resources site and I am so glad to have found her. From the very beginning, she was very easy to work with and has the warmest voice. We had two prenatal appointments, both were very in-depth and she provided hands-on tips on how we might be able to improve my labor experience. Due to COVID, we had our meeting outdoor or with masks on while indoor. Cindy comes with deep knowledge and understanding about pregnancy and how our body functions, which instantly made me and my husband feel at ease. She also provided some helpful techniques to help expedite labor naturally with massages, movements, acupressure, etc. I believe that these additional steps definitely helped progress my labor faster. She was available at the hospital through a Zoom meeting and helped support my husband and guided him to be able to help me. Due to the support received prior to arriving at the hospital, we did not think that not having Cindy at the hospital was a huge disadvantage. 

My husband was not all in for hiring a doula at first, as he was not sure how it might be helpful during COVID times, since not more than 1 person was allowed at the hospital. After the experience, my husband believes that having Cindy made a huge difference in our labor going as smoothly as it did! 

Christina remembers preparing for Amyra’S birth…

Christina remembering Amyra’s birth

Cindy has a big heart and that has shined through with our family and all of our children. She came very qualified with a plethora of knowledge about babies. With our family not only has she helped us take care of an infant, but THREE infants, as we have triplet girls! She mostly helps at night, and has no problem caring for all three girls together so we can sleep. She feeds them, changes them and most importantly loves them. As we often find her singing to and holding the babies regularly. She also helped us find a lactation consultant, who has also been great and been very helpful so that Anne could breastfeed all three babies exclusively.  She even washes dishes, folds laundry and straightens up our house when she has down time from the girls. We highly recommend her for a loving family.

Nate and Anne Kibler—remember the postpartum care of their triplets

Anne and Nate-remembering postpartum with the triplets

Cindy was incredibly reliable and reassuring as our postpartum doula.  We could really feel her love and attentiveness towards our son, so much so that she is the first person outside of our family whom I trusted to leave him alone with while I took a much-needed break outside of the house.

I could always sleep soundly when Cindy was around as I knew she was giving our child her undivided attention.

Outside of caring for him, I also knew she could be counted on to take care of me, and I repeatedly enjoyed her willingness to not only get our groceries and do our dishes but also give me a wonderfully relaxing shoulder massage.

I whole heartedly recommend her!


Jenny after Will’s birth…

We’re grateful to have found Cindy for the birth of our second child. We did not use a doula for our older daughter’s birth, and while we prepared by reading about labor and taking a Lamaze class, we didn’t have the support we wanted once we were in the hospital.

 With our second child, it was invaluable having Cindy’s calm, supportive presence in the room. Cindy helped me breathe and relax my body, massaged pressure points, proactively retrieved ice and warm packs, brought and hung up soft lights, offered me different positions that may help ease contractions, gave me imagery to use during contractions — the list goes on. Her level of experience made a huge difference- she could help in the moment and also predict what I might need soon. I have had a far easier recovery than with my first in large part thanks to her guidance and support during labor.

 In the months ahead of our birth, Cindy also gave us a wealth of resources including videos, books, and stretching guidelines, and was always available to answer questions and check in. We would highly recommend working with Cindy!

Molly and Reed remembering the birth of Claire…

With the birth of our second child, Cindy was our doula but she filled that role above and beyond.

First of all, I think personal experience is key- she has it! And a wealth of knowledge and thirst for more around the topic and experience of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.

Cindy had to be out of town briefly at the end of my pregnancy for her daughter’s wedding, but she was very prepared and made sure I was totally comfortable with the back-up doula she had in place. I felt taken care of and like I received very personal attention around that situation.

When “go time” came, Cindy provided a presence that was reassuring and secure. I felt completely taken care of by her. Mothered, even. I think that’s what a new mama needs in all that crazy.
In the midst of labor, when I just wanted to escape the room, she had a whole host of comfort measures up her sleeve. She encouraged me when I was exhausted and at the end of my rope. And after Rose was born, she celebrated with me, not to mention the pineapple chunks she had to snack on!
Within the following weeks after Rose was born, she came to my house and kept doula-ing me through food and massage as I had some pretty intense tension headaches. This postpartum care made me feel so loved.

Her presence is reassuring, she has a great sense of humor, and her manner is down to earth, straight forward and sincere- straight from New England. 🙂 Our family has so much love for Cindy!

Allison remembering the birth of Rose…

Thank you so much for coming by. The talk and cookies were much needed. I love the “Honeybee” journal!

You are a very special person; I am so thankful for your guidance and education during the last couple months of my pregnancy. I’ll never forget the first time I “connected with my baby through my thoughts” as you had taught me. Through practicing your relaxation techniques and positive affirmations, I found strength and confidence I never knew I had.

I can look back now and see how each piece of my birth story had a unique purpose and came together, all at just the right pace. I think about early labor at the house, the massage and walk.  I started listening to my body, letting it set the pace. As we settled in at the hospital room, your special touches made the room feel welcoming and calm. Between walking the halls, massage, the birth balls, and the tub and I remember my body and baby working together as active labor progressed.

I am thankful for the child-birth education piece we received from you beforehand. Most importantly, this allowed my husband to know how to support me and help both of us feel confident when we had to make next step decisions during some really intense moments! Looking back, getting the epidural allowed my body to rest and get ready to push, again each piece of the puzzle had a purpose.

As the epidural started to wear off and pushing became more intense, I remember hearing you say “tell your baby you’re ready and it’s time” -As I held/pulled myself with the rebozo, I found a deep inner strength and I remember through each push talking to the baby telling him its time, I’m ready for you; you can do this now…

Thank you for taking the time to talk with me afterwards during your follow up visit, recollecting all the details of the “love-filled-birth” was really helpful. As a first-time mom, the days after bringing baby home were a blur.  Talking about the birth and looking at the photographs together, helped to calm some overwhelming feelings I was having.

Cindy- Thank you for helping me prepare for the birth of our son. Initially I had asked you to be there to support me emotionally, to help me remain “calm and in control”… little did I know, you would actually be more like a support team in a marathon race- re-fueling me with honey sticks, keeping me hydrated and cool and literally supporting all my body weight through contractions… THANK YOU for being such an important piece of this puzzle!

Many thanks and love

Lynette remembering Gatlin’s birth

“Cindy gave me the loving and educational support I needed throughout my pregnancy and birth. She was wonderful, a guiding light on what to expect, helping me with each step of labor, birth, and postpartum. She was always there with just the right amount of information to support me through my journey. I felt totally taken care of at the right times, and she respected my need for privacy. Thank you, Cindy, for your doula-magic!”

Lilla, remembering the birth of Christian

“I had my first without a doula. Second with Cindy. I wish I had always had a doula. Cindy was always a step ahead and made it easy for me. I felt secure and I knew someone was my advocate for when I was in labor and didn’t have the energy to have a voice.”

Nary, remembering the birth of Hannah

“My husband is so happy we had a doula…Cindy supported him so that he could support me!”

Nary, remembering the birth of Hannah

“Cindy is readily available when her clients need her, and she makes an effort to establish a personal relationship not only with the mom-to-be, but with her partner and family as well, to make the birthing experience as comfortable as possible for everyone involved.”

Jillian, Director of Albemarle Pregnancy Center of Central VA