As your doula, I provide physical, emotional, and educational support before, during, and after the birth of your baby.

I am a companion, specifically trained to help you during pregnancy. I will stay with you through your labor and be at your side when you give birth. And, then of course, be available to you as you transition to life with your precious new baby.

My role is to encourage, educate, and be another set of (experienced) hands. I will be a listener, hearing what you ask for and sometimes hearing what your don’t even think to ask.  I will provide information, so can make  truly informed decisions.

I believe that pregnancy and childbirth can be the most profound event to occur in a woman’s life. This is the place where the physical, emotional, and spiritual all meet. I am convinced that this is a sacred time.

For me, to serve as a “mother to the mother” is both an honor and a trust.

I found Cindy through the Bend Yoga’s resources site and I am so glad to have found her. From the very beginning, she was very easy to work with and has the warmest voice. We had two prenatal appointments, both were very in-depth and she provided hands-on tips on how we might be able to improve my labor experience. Due to COVID, we had our meeting outdoor or with masks on while indoor. Cindy comes with deep knowledge and understanding about pregnancy and how our body functions, which instantly made me and my husband feel at ease. She also provided some helpful techniques to help expedite labor naturally with massages, movements, acupressure, etc. I believe that these additional steps definitely helped progress my labor faster. She was available at the hospital through a Zoom meeting and helped support my husband and guided him to be able to help me. Due to the support received prior to arriving at the hospital, we did not think that not having Cindy at the hospital was a huge disadvantage. 

My husband was not all in for hiring a doula at first, as he was not sure how it might be helpful during COVID times, since not more than 1 person was allowed at the hospital. After the experience, my husband believes that having Cindy made a huge difference in our labor going as smoothly as it did! 

Christina remembers preparing for Amyra’S birth…

Christina remembering Amyra’s birth

Cindy has a big heart and that has shined through with our family and all of our children. She came very qualified with a plethora of knowledge about babies. With our family not only has she helped us take care of an infant, but THREE infants, as we have triplet girls! She mostly helps at night, and has no problem caring for all three girls together so we can sleep. She feeds them, changes them and most importantly loves them. As we often find her singing to and holding the babies regularly. She also helped us find a lactation consultant, who has also been great and been very helpful so that Anne could breastfeed all three babies exclusively.  She even washes dishes, folds laundry and straightens up our house when she has down time from the girls. We highly recommend her for a loving family.

Nate and Anne Kibler—remember the postpartum care of their triplets

Anne and Nate-remembering postpartum with the triplets