As your doula, I provide physical, emotional, and educational support before, during, and after the birth of your baby.

I am a companion, specifically trained to help you during pregnancy. I will stay with you through your labor and be at your side when you give birth. And, then of course, be available to you as you transition to life with your precious new baby.

My role is to encourage, educate, and be another set of (experienced) hands. I will be a listener, hearing what you ask for and sometimes hearing what your don’t even think to ask.  I will provide information, so can make  truly informed decisions.

I believe that pregnancy and childbirth can be the most profound event to occur in a woman’s life. This is the place where the physical, emotional, and spiritual all meet. I am convinced that this is a sacred time.

For me, to serve as a “mother to the mother” is both an honor and a trust.

Cindy was incredibly reliable and reassuring as our postpartum doula.  We could really feel her love and attentiveness towards our son, so much so that she is the first person outside of our family whom I trusted to leave him alone with while I took a much-needed break outside of the house.

I could always sleep soundly when Cindy was around as I knew she was giving our child her undivided attention.

Outside of caring for him, I also knew she could be counted on to take care of me, and I repeatedly enjoyed her willingness to not only get our groceries and do our dishes but also give me a wonderfully relaxing shoulder massage.

I whole heartedly recommend her!


Jenny after Will’s birth…

We’re grateful to have found Cindy for the birth of our second child. We did not use a doula for our older daughter’s birth, and while we prepared by reading about labor and taking a Lamaze class, we didn’t have the support we wanted once we were in the hospital.

 With our second child, it was invaluable having Cindy’s calm, supportive presence in the room. Cindy helped me breathe and relax my body, massaged pressure points, proactively retrieved ice and warm packs, brought and hung up soft lights, offered me different positions that may help ease contractions, gave me imagery to use during contractions — the list goes on. Her level of experience made a huge difference- she could help in the moment and also predict what I might need soon. I have had a far easier recovery than with my first in large part thanks to her guidance and support during labor.

 In the months ahead of our birth, Cindy also gave us a wealth of resources including videos, books, and stretching guidelines, and was always available to answer questions and check in. We would highly recommend working with Cindy!

Molly and Reed remembering the birth of Claire…